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More Than A Travel Company! Changing Lives Through International Community Projects and Volunteerism

village members viewing photos and videos on a cell phone
Lexy Sanguinetti, center, founding consultant of Sanguinetti & Company, LLC, shows members of Enkereri village, a traditional Maasai village in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve region, photos and video of themselves shot months earlier at their village. Here Lexy explains to the Maasai how the visual media was used in Florida and beyond, to share their authentic culture, bring increased education resources and trade markets to their village.

Sanguinetti and Company's international travel expertise is founded on decades of personal family history, but the Florida-based business is more than a travel company. Loaded with an in-depth knowledge of East Africa's potential, coupled with a clear understanding of US stakeholders' needs and expectations, the company has become a sought-after broker and consultant for various business products and services between the two regions.

Alexandra (Lexy) Sanguinetti, a Kenya native, has been leading the pride since 2013. She saw the need to bridge the gap between Africa and the USA from the moment she found herself juggling life between the two continents. The founding international business consultant now spends most of her time planning and executing unique travel experiences for American and Caribbean clients who wish to visit or do business in Africa. When she is not personally escorting travelers or designing the next custom group itinerary, Lexy is busy serving with nonprofit organizations or social enterprises on many levels.

Women working together on a plan
Paula Villamizar, co-founder of Design Lab Give Miami, left, looks over a map with Lexy Sanguinetti during planning talks for a collaborative sewing project planned for Kenya in summer 2020.

Earlier this year, Lexy brought together One Way Out (North Carolina), Design Lab Give (Miami) and Dream Sponsors (Florida) for a future sewing project to benefit participating girls and women, both in Kenya and in the USA. In what would be typical Lexy fashion, she is wearing more than one hat in the evolving project. Her creativity, expertise and resourcefulness lend well to the collective woman-power driving this meaningful effort. Sanguinetti and Company is committed to providing some of the resources and expertise needed to spearhead this priceless collaboration. Learn more about it here.

Nonprofit and Social Enterprises We Work With

Carla Neumann, MS, LMFT, founder of Dream Sponsors (standing left) with fellow board member and volunteer, Lexy Sanguinetti with sponsored student girls from Sirua Aulo Academy, a top ranking school in Trans Mara, Kenya, where a handful of Dream Sponsors beneficiaries are pursuing an education. With Lexy's help, the organization is now transitioning to more sustainable project-based work.

Dream Sponsors Inc., is a Florida nonprofit focused on education, with beneficiaries both in Kenya and the USA. Lexy has served on the board of directors of this organization since 2007. She is considered a valuable asset at Dream Sponsors, as shared by the organization's founding president, Carla B. Neumann, MS, LMFT, "I have the pleasure of working with Alexandra (Lexy) as a Board Member of Dream Sponsors. She is extremely skilled at problem solving and bridging the gap with cultural differences that have presented challenges along the way. No problem has been too much for her to seek meaningful and realistic solutions, with patience and compassion. She is loyal, motivated, personable, ethical and above all, professional even in the most difficult situations. She has a true capacity to coordinate every detail, while anticipating potential challenges before they arrive, and developing solutions!"

Unique 5K Marathon Winners Awards
Africa-made, handmade, 5K marathon winners awards sourced, designed and finished by Sanguinetti and Company for the 2019 Kijana 5K marathon in Greenacres, Florida. This is the 3rd year Lexy Sanguinetti has contributed to the inception and provision of Kijana's unique 5K awards, which are a major draw for marathon participants.

Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative is another nonprofit organization where Sanguinetti and Company, through Lexy's leadership, has made a difference. A Florida-registered organization, involved in building schools and libraries in Kenya, Kijana has long-benefited from Lexy's guidance, expertise and cultural knowledge both in Kenya and in the USA. Founder and president, James Cummings, has said of his experience working with our company's founder, "Alexandra (Lexy) does phenomenal work. I have worked with her for years and hired her to do work for our organizational events and other activities. She is creative, consistent, reliable, and dedicated to perfection. She designed and created awards for our Kijana 5K for two years -which were "out of this world"...Additionally, she collaborated with us to develop itineraries, social media and web calendars for our visitors... I rely on her frequently for thoughtful and solid advice. She is an extraordinary asset."

Find Out More Or Get In Touch

Below are links to some articles featuring Lexy's nonprofit-related work most of which she carries out through resources offered by the family-run enterprise, Sanguinetti & Company. These articles shed light on her contributions and leadership in international community service projects - all challenging work she truly loves being a part of and which Sanguinetti and Company is also very proud of:

Sanguinetti and Company offers a handful of Africa-related services in the USA and in Kenya, sometimes in other parts of Africa too! We would love to talk to you about your next African venture or adventure - Get in touch!


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