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Exercising The Power of Love with Girl Power, Miami

Our founder, International Travel and Business Consultant, Lexy Sanguinetti spent an invigorating and inspiring Sunday afternoon with beneficiaries and officials of nonprofit organization, Girl Power, Miami (Florida, USA). Lexy was the invited guest speaker at this year's luncheon at the annual "It Takes A Village" Summit, hosted by the organization. After the luncheon, Lexy participated and assisted in some of the Pamper Me Pretty activities that were offered to the girls, courtesy of Girl Power and community sponsors and donors.

Can you decipher the messages?

Lexy delivered a passionate and memorable message about Exercising The Power of Love in one's everyday life. She shared tidbits of her personal journey while teaching the mostly teenage audience, the recommended steps to take in exercising the power of love. Lexy drew on the major similarities and differences she sees in girls(women) globally and expressed the importance of their unification, not only locally but internationally. Lexy also shared an interactive word game she created to help the girls decipher and more importantly remember, the steps to take in exercising the power of love. One lucky girl walked away with a gift prize after she solved the puzzles correctly in the shortest amount of time.

Interested In This Message For Your Group?

Perhaps you and/or others you know may benefit this motivational message about Exercising The Power of Love? Get in touch to book Lexy Sanguinetti for this inspirational 20-30 minute interactive delivery.


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