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Design Lab Miami Chooses Kenya for Second International Project

Sanguinetti & Company is excited to be a part of a brewing creative and educational collaboration between some powerhouse individuals. Scattered from North Carolina to Miami to Palm Beach and on to Western Kenya, a strong team of donors, volunteers and creative professionals is coming together to do some life-changing work. 

Our company is in talks with Design Lab Miami (FL) and their philanthropic arm, Design Lab Give, to coordinate a visit to Kenya in the near future in partnership with nonprofit organization, One Way Out (NC). The visit is intended to bring identified beneficiary girls and women in Kenya together with peers from Miami to conduct a sewing project. The project is slated to not only teach the beneficiaries some valuable skills in sewing, but to also allow opportunities for cultural exchange, friendship building, mentoring and of course, sightseeing in the beautiful East African nation.

International travel and business consultant, Lexy Sanguinetti, recently gave an informative presentation to students, teachers and parents at Design Lab Miami where she shared her knowledge and expertise about travel and volunteerism in Kenya. Lexy shared proposed plans and later answered questions from the audience. The group discussed the Kenya trip plans, possible dates and proposed ideas.

Ariel Swedroe, a celebrated student at Design Lab and successful youth fashion designer, shared her support for the joint effort and briefly explained to the group what a positive impact a trip like this could make. Ariel was part of a similar travel group with Design Lab Give when they visited Colombia in 2017 for their first international project. During that visit, the team taught sewing skills and bonded with 30 teenage girls from impoverished families in Cartagena.

A Glimpse Into The Future of Fashion

Following Lexy’s presentation, the audience was treated to an eye-opening and mind-blowing presentation by Julia Daviy on 3D Printing and it’s role in the future of fashion. The audience got to see and touch wearable, fashionable and most importantly sustainable clothing produced using 3D printing. The clothes were modeled by students of Design Lab. With sustainability and creativity being the main veins of Design Lab’s existence and success over the last 10 years, it was no surprise that the ultra innovative and inspiring Daviy was invited to speak with the gathered group. The travel group may be starting with a sewing project during the planned visit to Kenya, but you never know what the future may hold given the creative and driven individuals at Design Lab Miami.

Stay tuned!


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