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Presenting An Experience In African Heritage, Culture, Education And Entertainment

A Sanguinetti Experience at Africa's Most Photographed Home

We hosted our first private, custom-curated dinner experience at African Heritage House, in conjunction with Alan Donovan, owner/curator and his wonderful staff. Through African Heritage's invaluable collection of  art, furniture, jewelry and a variety of select food and drinks, our company was proud to present, not only the best of East Africa's history and culture, but of the whole of Africa.

Guests from the USA and Kenya, were treated to an informative and educational tour by African Heritage, an interactive drum and dance performances by Sarakasi Trust and a delicious Pan-African dinner, guided by special guest chef, John Cardovillis (@instachefcardo) of Jarni Culinary Classes and Catering.

African Heritage Tour

The walking tour at African Heritage started at the railway tracks just on the edge of the property. It continued past the hand-dug swimming pool and on up to the museum house, an incredible work of art inspired by a combination of mud architectures from across Africa. With each step the educational journey evolved, leaving visitors in awe, imagining what life was like there in the decades before. In the past, Alan Donovan conducted the walking tours himself. He has since passed the baton on to his staff who now use taped recordings of his voice to help narrate the stories and history behind the displayed collections. Juliet Otieno, our tour guide, had a warm smile throughout and did a good job showing our guests around.

Inside the house, mind-blowing historical artefacts from across Africa are openly displayed for guests to view up close. From specially crafted jewelry from various African tribes (some for sale), to beautiful textiles once reserved for royalty, traditional musical instruments, unique doors, beds and all sorts of priceless items, each with a unique story.

African Food and Drinks

Meanwhile, Mutiso, Zadock, Zack and Milton determinedly and cheerfully helped Chef Cardovillis in the kitchen with dinner preparations. The aroma emanating from the kitchen had everyone hungry by the time the tour ended. Before meal time, the visitors relaxed on the spacious veranda taking in views of Nairobi's National Park and enjoying the cool fresh air gently blowing across the landscape before them. Our experience curator set out a variety of refreshments including select African wines and famous Kenyan beer, all of which were enjoyed over laughs and interesting conversations.

Alan Donovan joined the group for an intimate dinner. A four course meal was served starting with an aromatic tomato soup with chapati (a tasty East African flat bread), a luscious green salad and an avocado kachumbari (imagine a flavorful tomato salsa over freshly diced avocado). The main course featured a fragrant seasoned rice, Swahili chicken in coconut sauce, mixed vegetables with an optional peanut sauce and lightly glazed plantains. Dessert was fresh mango baked with cinnamon, topped with vanilla ice cream. We finished off the culinary experience by serving Africa's popular fruit cream liqueur, Amarula™ on ice.

"The food was outstanding", said one guest.

African Drum and Dance

Sarakasi Trust dancers, Millie and Cindy took to the floor, captivating the group with their elegant yet vivacious African dance skills. They also taught some of the group their moves. Collins, also with Sarakasi, was exceptionally talented! It was impossible not to shimmy, clap or tap a foot in appreciation of his art form. He shared his knowledge of the drums' origin and traditional uses. He even had the audience singing. During dinner the guests enjoyed his gentle live drumming which made for perfect background music, given the cozy setting and warm African ambience.

Sanguinetti and Company now offers this personalized, authentic experience at African Heritage House, for private parties, visiting groups or special events. Packages start at USD 80 per person, depending on the level of services arranged. To book or inquire, email with the subject: African Heritage Experience or contact us on WhatsApp, +1 (954) 802 4119.

Africa's Most Photographed House, African Heritage
African Heritage House, Africa's most photographed house, a must-visit, a must-see - home to a respected collector and preserver of African art and his collection of priceless African artefacts and stories.


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