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Soaring To Higher Safari Heights

Angama's New Special Interest & Group Travel Planner

It is bitter-sweet but certainly mostly sweet to finally share this good news! Our founding East Africa business consultant and lead travel planner, Lexy, has flown out of the Sanguinetti & Company nest to join a new flock!

A lit bonfire on a wooden deck is surrounded by a wrap-around luxury couch where a dramatic sunset is seen over the horizon at eye level
Angama Mara, known as one of the top safari lodges in all of Africa, sits on the rim of The Great Rift Valley, overlooking the famous grand Maasai Mara National Reserve. Photo © Angama Safaris

Known to many as one of Africa's top safari companies, Angama Safaris, has appointed Lexy as their Special Interest & Group Travel Planner. Lexy will be handling all the travel planning for large incentive groups, multigenerational families and other special interest travel groups such as for weddings and similar occasions. Lexy has excitedly accepted the position and has already started getting comfortable as a member of the Angama family. Pictured below, Lexy was welcomed by members of the Angama Nairobi family with flowers and other gifts.

What's Next For @VisitEastAfrika?

For over a decade, Lexy has offered our family business her leadership, dedication, expertise and hard work. We are grateful for all her efforts and wish her all the best on her new journey. Meanwhile, our company will be taking a pause on serving new travel inquiries while we restructure the travel side of our business and get Lexy's replacement trained and up to speed.

A group of people sitting on the ground smiling as they look at a cell phone together
Lexy (center) looking at photos with "her people" at Enkereri Village and with her co-founder and life partner, Sean (standing, top center). Sean and Lexy have worked with Enkereri Village for years hosting visitors to the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Their company has specialized in such authentic cultural experiences for over 10 years.

For our esteemed travel guests, past, present and future, if Lexy is already working on an experience for you, or if she has already spoken with you about planning a future trip for 2023 or 2024, rest assured, she will personally see your trip through!

Meanwhile, our other efforts as Sanguinetti & Company, LLC (USA), will continue as envisioned. We will still be selling our favorite, premium, cold pressed shea butter from East Africa! This is ready to ship from Florida - wholesale size 39 lb bucket., or retail 8oz. jars available.

Where is Lexy now?

Lexy is spending her summer in Kenya, where she will be more permanently based and where Angama has its flagship, award-winning safari lodge. She is currently training with a great team of travel leaders located between South Africa and Kenya. While making the transition, she is also impressively spearheading the logistics and hosting of our largest group this migration season - all amidst lots of challenges, while also planning several trips for her remaining guests of 2023 and 2024.

Hongera Lexy! May your light shine bright from way up there at Angama!

A lionness perched on a fallen tree trunk looking out across African savannah plains
Situated in the heart of East Africa, home to abundant wildlife and named in honor of the Maasai tribe, the Maasai Mara is host to the Great Migration, known as the greatest show on earth! Photo © Angama Safaris

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