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Naomi Campbell To Become Magical Kenya International Ambassador

If you have an international product or service, you too would like a global icon to promote your brand, wouldn't you?

We welcome the news of Naomi Campbell being appointed as a tourism ambassador for Kenya. This was officially announced yesterday, some days after the supermodel posted photos on Instagram, taken at Kenya's coast with her signature hashtag #NAOMIAFRICA and captions like, "Beautiful Kenya" and Blessed Day Beautiful Kenya".

As an international company, Sanguinetti & Company has spent many years convincing our primarily US-based clients that Kenya and East Africa as a whole, is a safe, beautiful and "un-regrettable" place to visit! If the likes of Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Ashanti and other influential people, having traveled here safely, even in #covid19 times, love Kenya and are willing to invite their families, friends and others to experience the magic, it highlights that Kenya (Africa) is ready, capable and worthy of all levels of international business! While Kenya may not need a celebrity to affirm this, it sure helps to have such visibility to increase trade and tourism opportunities at such a crucial time in the travel world.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell in Kenya sitting and smiling wearing sunglasses
Naomi Campbell photographed in Kenya during the announcement of her appointment as Kenya's newest tourism ambassador (Photo from Kenya's Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife's Facebook page)

Last year, Kenya's Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife appointed Olympic champion, Eliud Kipchoge with the same ambassadorial role. While some have received Campbell's nomination negatively, as reported in this article by BBC, we at Sanguinetti & Company look forward to the potential opportunities to work alongside Campbell and other global icons in promoting what we have always known and believed in - Kenya is a magical place to be! Just come and see!


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