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Hell’s Gate National Park Inspired the 2019 Lion King Movie

For those of us who absolutely loved the Lion King blockbuster back in 1994, what are we looking for in this re-creation of 2019? Is it the performance of the stars cast? Like Beyoncé as Nala and Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) as Simba? Is it to be awed by the computer-generated realness? Is it to hear that captivating music again (shout out to SouthAfrica), or is it just to be part of the hype?

Well, for us it’s all about Kenya! We went to see the movie to see how well the creators depicted the beauty and natural wonder of this beloved East African nation in CGI. We also wanted to see if we could spot the one real "shot" the director, Jon Favreau, said was included in the movie, we didn’t catch it! He talks about this in the video below:

Anyway, after seeing the movie, we were inspired to revisit and share photos taken at Hell’s Gate National Park last summer when our largest travel group to date, visited this site. Hell’s Gate is one of the few actual locations in Africa said to have inspired the movie in several ways. Do you see the similarities in the photos below? Is that Pumba? You of course have to watch the new #LionKing first!

Visit The Land That Inspired The Lion King

In the interest of safety, we have discontinued visits to the gorges of Hell's Gate, however, you can still visit this site and enjoy all of the other great attractions. Get in touch for more details. Family and group discounts available for 2020.

© 2018. Photos courtesy of Leah Wolfeld, with special thanks to the Ochenge sisters


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