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Successful Women's Forums Held During 2019 Miami-Dade Business Development Mission to Africa

The women's conferences overall placed a firm stepping stone for numerous new cross-continental opportunities for collaboration and trade between USA and Africa, said, Lexy Sanguinetti of this business and travel consulting firm.

Group of Power Women
Visiting American women met with Kenyan women in Nairobi for A Women's Forum

When asked about her feedback on each of the Women's Forums held in South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia during the 2019 Business Trade Mission to Africa, founding travel and business consultant, Lexy Sanguinetti, had this to share in writing:

South Africa

- it was delightful to see so many women, not only working. but thriving in male dominated fields or industries and more so as business owners! The conference in South Africa was well attended by outspoken and learned women in sectors such as mining, wine production and retail, international shipping and logistics, travel and tourism and so many others.


- the women from Kenya showed up in the highest numbers and they represented all types of businesses and organizations in both the profit and nonprofit sectors. The women were of all levels of management and were grateful to have the opportunity to network with the Miami delegation. From the village women entrepreneurs to the sophisticated and highly educated lawyers and government officials present, all the women were humble, determined and well invested to further their cause or trade. The Kenyan women came ready to do business and the Miami delegation was impressed by the turnout and somewhat inundated with opportunities for trade and partnership.


- The last of all the three countries we visited, Ethiopia is where men attended the forum and they were welcomed and even applauded for their input. It was powerful and encouraging to hear men speak in support of the women businesses and organizations represented. It was even more powerful to see women speak boldly about their trade and share needs in an audience dotted by men and in a culture where women are generally soft-spoken, timid and sometimes regarded as inferior.


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