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Applying Cognitive Science to Addressing Cultural Disparities in the African Diaspora

The 25th Annual African and African American Summer Institute will be held in June at Palm Beach Lakes High School and the theme is: The African Diaspora: Understanding the Cultural and Linguistic Diversity of African People in the Americas

The goal is to help participants understand the dynamics of the African Diaspora and how it influenced the cultural and linguistic diversity of African peoples in the Americas. During the institute, experts in instructional and curriculum design will unpack the diversity of black students and discuss how this influences learning. Participants will walk away with the ability to create strategies to support the social, emotional and academic needs of this subgroup.

Sanguinetti and Company will be participating by presenting two breakout sessions. Drawing from their own personal and professional experiences, Shannon Sanguinetti, MSc, a neuroscientist and independent consultant with the agency and Lexy Sanguinetti, co-founding consultant, will present on the disparities in communication, which can lead to cultural confusion, improper association complexes in learning and memory, as well as the effects this can have on cognition and selective attention.

Educators from South Florida are invited to attend the free summer institute which also includes breakout sessions by other key speakers and community influencers. To sign up or for information, email,

About Our Presenters

Alexandra (Lexy) Sanguinetti is an international business and travel consultant, with over 18 years experience in facilitating trade and cultural exchange between Africa and the United States. She is a Kenyan-American who works directly with African students, teachers and members of the community in various capacities, both in Africa and in the diaspora. She is the founder of international travel and business consulting firm, Sanguinetti & Company, LLC, based in Palm Beach County. Lexy attended Lynn University in Boca Raton, where she graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Specialization in Aviation Management. Lexy is also engaged in developing sustainable projects with various entities in the nonprofit sector both in the USA and East Africa.

Shannon Sanguinetti, MSc. is a Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscientist and a former Division I scholarship athlete. Raised culturally by Jamaican parents, her education from kindergarten through graduate school was primarily obtained via public schools in Palm Beach County. Following her graduate research on stress, cognition, learning, memory and behavior, she has worked with some of the most prominent companies and universities in the world in evaluating behavior through studies involving bed bugs,centipedes,rodents, pigs, primates, humans, and more. In 2018, Shannon founded The Outsmart, a company charged with educating individuals, businesses, and athletic programs on the fundamentals of the brain to improve quality of life, workplace morale and physical performance.


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